Best Appliance Repair in Saint Louis City Area

There’s nothing more annoying than discovering that one of your appliances is broken. You’ll need to find a repairman as soon as possible to ensure that your appliance gets fixed properly.

Whirlpool is a large household appliance manufacturer that makes refrigerators, washers and dryers. They also make ovens and dishwashers.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are one of the most important appliances in a home and when they break down it is often a huge problem for families that have to go without food. If your refrigerator or freezer breaks down it is always best to have access to a repair service.

Refrigerator temperatures should be between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while freezers should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit to keep foods safe for consumption later. Keeping an appliance thermometer in the refrigerator or freezer helps ensure these temperatures are being maintained properly.

If your fridge or freezer is over 8 years old, consider replacing it with an ENERGY STAR certified model. It will save money and help protect the environment.

Washing Machines and Dryers

Doing laundry automatically is a luxury many of us can’t live without. So when your washer or dryer goes out, it can be a real headache. Thankfully, St. Louis Appliance Pros can get it fixed fast so that you don’t have to procrastinate getting your clothes clean.

The LG Corporation is a South Korean electronics manufacturer that produces well-made appliances for the home. They make refrigerators, top and front load washers and dryers as well as ovens and dishwashers. Gray Appliance Repair offers LG appliance repair for homeowners in Saint Louis. Our LG repair services include Samsung and LG refrigerator repair, LG washer and dryer repair and LG dishwasher repair. We also fix other brands like Whirlpool. Call for Appliance Repair in Saint Louis MO today. We will be happy to help.


Ovens are a crucial piece to a working kitchen. Without them, meal prepping is much more difficult and can lead to overspending on eating out. When you have a problem with your oven, schedule an appointment with a Saint Louis appliance repair pro right away.

A garbage disposal is another important part of a well-working kitchen, but it can sometimes experience issues. A garbage disposal that isn’t working properly can cause a lot of problems and can even be dangerous if something gets stuck in it. Make sure your garbage disposal is repaired by a local, vetted Appliance Repair in Saint Louis MO pro. They’ll be able to diagnose and fix the problem in no time. They’ll even provide a warranty to ensure that your repair job is done correctly.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are a convenience that save money on trash bags and cut down on household odors. But they can also break, clog or overheat if they are not used correctly.

CR’s February 2020 nationally representative survey found that just over half of all homes have one or more disposals. But the appliances are not a catch-all for organic waste: Many aren’t powerful enough to grind very fibrous vegetable peels, such as artichoke or celery leaves.

Never stick your hand or fingers into a running disposal, even if it’s turned off; you could get cut. Also avoid putting hard objects—including eggshells, bones and coffee grounds—into the disposal; these can dull the blades or block the drain opening. Also, do not use chemical drain cleaners; they can corrode the disposal or pipes.

Heating and Cooling

The weather in Saint Louis can be unpredictable and having working heating and cooling systems is important to keep your home or office comfortable. This is especially true when there are sudden changes in temperature or if something goes wrong with your system.

Washing machines and dryers make the process of doing laundry simple and quick. It is important to get them fixed immediately if something happens with them. Otherwise, you could be stuck going to a laundromat for weeks!

Garbage disposals are a crucial part of a functional kitchen, but they can often be forgotten about. They can also become clogged if things are put down the drain that they shouldn’t be. This is why it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible when you have problems with your garbage disposal.